Miami's Stray Cats

A few of the kitties I care for at a Miami parking lot.


Every animal deserves a loving home.  But there just aren’t enough people willing to take in stray cats.  Life is tough for strays because disease, injury, hunger, and cruelty make their precious lives miserable.  It’s estimated that there are more than 400,000 free-roaming cats in Miami-Dade County.  But through humane sterilization, fewer cats will be born into a life of disease and starvation.


The Cat Network, a South Florida 501(c)3 non-profit organization, makes it easier for volunteers like me to get access to low-cost spay and neuter services.  We help to trap, neuter, vaccinate and return these animals to their environment–and then continue to provide food and medical care.  Although we do this willingly, it is clearly an expensive mission.  I have TNR’d hundreds of cats, and cared for them throughout their natural lifespan.


Here’s How You Can Help!


I invite you to join me in reducing the overpopulation of stray cats.  It costs just $25 to spay/neuter one cat.  If you’d like to contribute the cost of spaying a stray, I will send you my most recent book, KNAVE VS. SPY (in your choice of print or e-version)–along with my undying gratitude!

Just make your check payable to The Cat Network and send the check to me (very important; otherwise, you don’t get your book!) at:


Michelle and Panda

Michelle Marcos
Historical Romance Author
1200 Anastasia Avenue, Suite 430
Coral Gables, FL  33134

Are you a coupon clipper?  You can help me feed unadoptable strays by sending coupons for cat food, litter, and cat products.  Gift certificates to stores like PetsMart, Petco, and PetSupermarket are also extremely handy and much appreciated.

Thank you so much for caring for kitties!


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This female has sad “World Vision” eyes, but she is very healthy now.

Blacks and tabbies are usually the last to be adopted. More of these are euthanized than any other kind of cat.

Mambo has a limp, but she is very fast!

Lynxy is wary of humans, so he’ll never be adoptable.