A Doing It Your Way Novel
by Red Door Reads Authors

Each year, Red Door Reads tries to lessen the sting of Tax Day by giving readers something special. This year, we asked our readers what they’d like to read. We received many suggestions for character traits and story settings, then selected winners in a random drawing. Now, the authors of Red Door Reads have taken those elements and crafted one amazing story. Each chapter was written by a different Red Door author. It is vibrant, unpredictable, and full of twists and turns.

On April 15, each author will post her chapter–completely FREE! This is our treat to you, so just sit back and enjoy.

Matthew Chadwick just inherited an island off the coast of Maine. The last time he was here he left Anne Bartlett in tears. Anne has spent her adult life trying to forget this blue-eyed Marine. Matthew’s return stirs up old feelings–and something more. Someone doesn’t want him back on the island. As Matthew digs into the past, it becomes clear more than just Anne’s heart is in danger…


Priscilla Pembroke is the perfect spy—female, forty, and practically invisible. No one would ever suspect a proper American lady of carrying seditious documents that could well become a prelude to war with England. But when her ship is cannonballed to splinters—and she is unable to swim—both her mission to end slavery and her life are about to come to a tragic end.

At twenty-five, Camran Slayter is set to become captain of a Royal Navy ship. The scars on his body offer a tour of his hard life, but the sea allows him to escape his troubled past. When he rescues the tantalizing woman from drowning, he never suspected it would put his entire naval career in peril. The American agent proves more trouble than she is worth…until he starts to fall for her. That’s when it becomes really dangerous.

Priscilla is involved in a deadly chess game, one which makes her a traitor on two continents. But when she is captured and interrogated by the ruggedly handsome Scotsman, and he strips her of her secrets one by one, she realizes that the most dangerous threat of all is yet to come…


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“When I want a
great historical romance,

I’ll reach for anything
by Michelle Marcos!”

NYT bestselling author